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LED vs. HID, what is the difference between ballast and driver?
In the car as well as bright bright bulb upgrades for your lights and fog lights on your vehicle. Chances are you have a light bulb like this as well as you're puzzled on if you want to do HID or LED in what's ideal.
  • As you can see, we have over 33 different LED as well as HID headlight bulb options and they are now available for acquisition on the market today.

We're gonna break down the differences between them, connector style and so innovation. we're also gonna do some live images showing you just how the various bulbs operate in various headlight housings.

Now everybody currently knows about a HID conversion package. You've obtained your halogen replacement: HID bulb, the adapter wiring, and so it goes to a ballast. Now the ballast is big, they're heavy, they take a lot of area.

As well as you are a reduced beam of lights, high beam of lights and lights on one vehicle, you really reached this out. Now the ballast is this big because it's really a rather complex piece of equipment.

You take your 12 volts DC and it transforms it to a high voltage Air conditioning ignition cycle to start the HID light bulb. The ballast does a lot of good work. The ballast does a good job light bulb going.
When you look at the h11 led canbus front light bulb, at least the newest designs, you still have some box in line as well as it's not a ballast. Entirely various technology. Essentially, it takes your 12 to 24 volts DC or your 8 to 16 volts DC and therefore it transforms to whatever voltage the LED light bulb requires to run.
Possibilities are actually not at 12 volts DC, it runs at a different DC degree, as well as this box is at the same level. Now you're looking at a few of the earlier LED headlight bulbs, you see, they were rather intricate. It looks like a HID kit, yet on the light bulb, it's an LED.